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  • I live in In a Canadian Forest...
  • I was born on March 14
  • My occupation is Gamer, BSCN Grinder, YouTuber, and etc.
  • HistoricalGamer

    Welcome, Herr Kapitän, to our Sailor's Cove! We will be discussing what you have done during your time serving in your U-boat: Your achievements, rewards, captures, and more! You can discuss pretty much anything here, as long as it doesn't violate the wiki rules, or my rules. If you happen to break a rule, you will be given a warning, and if that warning is ignored, action will be taken.

    • Keep language miled (censor your cursing)
    • No flaming
    • No political arguments
    • No racism
    • No religious topics (might offend some people)
    • No insulting
    • No spamming

    As long as the rules aren't broken, everyone will have fun. Enjoy!

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