Hedgehogs - Manual Image

The Hedgehog being deployed, as seen in the manual for Silent Hunter III.

...the only hint of the attack you may get is the noise of the 24 projectiles entering water...
- Silent Hunter III Manual

The Hedgehog is an anti-submarine weapon that was deployed on destroyers to be used against German U-boats during World War II. The weapon is featured in Silent Hunter III.

Overview Edit

Silent Hunter III Edit

The Hedgehog makes an appearance in Silent Hunter III as one of the weapons deployed on enemy destroyers for use against German U-boats.

The weapon is seen in use from 1942 and onwards.

Manual Edit
A bigger threat to the U-boat was forward-throwing weapons such as the Hedgehog, a salvo of 24 projectiles landing simultaneously in an elliptical pattern over the U-boat's suspected position. The attack is delivered while still maintaining ASDIC contact with the target, making it a much more accurate weapon. In addition, the projectiles would only explode on contract with the U-boat, which meant no ASDIC blind zones would be created unless a hit was scored.

There's little to be done to escape a Hedgehog's attack expect increase speed and depth and change course. Without the aid of an external camera, the only hint of the attack you may get is the noise of the 24 projectiles entering water - which may be too late.

Fortunately, a single Hedgehog is not a very powerful weapon. It carries a very small explosive quantity, and thus lacks the potential for a catastrophic kill.''
- Silent Hunter III Manual

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